Our Markets

Summit Capital's key markets comprise:

  • Business finance

  • Commercial property finance - investment and development

  • Asset finance and leasing

  • Growth capital

  • Distressed debt/ portfolio acquisitions

  • Private equity investments

The directors are involved in all investment and credit decisions, and are actively involved in deal management.

Our Strategies

Our core strategy revolves around being active, diversified, prudent and flexible.

We aim to grow through:

  • Prudently selected investments / deals

  • Diversification across multiple sectors and asset class

  • Maximising value through active deal management

  • Proactive risk management

  • Consistent and profitable performance for our borrowers, partners and shareholders

The continued de-leveraging of New Zealand banks, the retrenchment of traditional providers of capital and finance, and the growth in regulation underpin our business model.

Markets & Strategies